Adam Davenport
Full Name

Adam Charles Davenport




Bionic human

Date of Birth

1997 (age 18)

Resides in

Mission Creek California (formerly)


Bree Davenport (bionic younger sister)
Chase Davenport (bionic younger brother)
Daniel Davenport (bionic youngest brother)
Evelyn Davenport (bionic younger sister)
Leo Dooley (step-brother)
Donald (father)
Tasha (step-mother)
Douglas (creator)

First Episode

Crush, Chop, and Burn

Portrayed By

Spencer Boldman

Adam Davenport is the brother of Bree, Chase, Evelyn, and Leo. He possesses super strength, making him the strongest out of the five siblings and almost everyone else in the world. He also has heat vision, and during episodes such as Bionic Showdown, he discovers new hidden abilities. Adam is currently 18 years old.

He is portrayed by Spencer Boldman.

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