The episode begins with Chase setting up a trap, and Adam walks into it. Adam is trapped in stasis, and Chase then pours orange juice on him. Leo tells Samson on how Chase is impossible to prank on April Fools Day. Samson starts to think, and then presumably comes up with a plan.

Leo, Samson, Adam, Bree and Chase are in the Lab. Chase says that nobody should attempt to prank him, because he is impossible to prank. Then, Samson's time mark glows, and he says that his Time ability is glitching. Chase believes that this is a prank, and tells Samson to stop. Leo runs to Samson, and then turns to stone. Samson, Bree, and Adam scream. Chase still thinks that this is a prank, and tells Leo to take off the costume. Then, Leo shatters. They all scream, and Chase realizes that this isn't a prank. He tells Samson that they need to place him in quarantine, until they can figure out what happened. Then, Adam turns to stone, and breaks. They all scream again.

Chase goes to tell Mr. Davenport what happened. Mr. Davenport says that he can figure out a solution to the problem, but then he turns into stone, and shatters. Chase gets mad, and wonders if other things became stone, and then his phone becomes stone. Chase runs down to the lab, and sees that Samson is gone. Bree says that his time abilities glitched again, and he got out. Then, she becomes stone. Chase gets on a motorcycle, and finds Samson. He says that he can fix the glitch, and throws a chip at Samson, but he turns to stone before the chip reaches him. Chase then crashes the motorcycle.

Chase says that he can't fix it, and that they are all gone. Then, he sees time waves surround him, and freaks out. They all come out of the floor, and laugh at Chase. Chase screams, and runs out. They say that they got him good, and high five.

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Chase is very amazed that they pranked him, and asked how they knew he would pull out his cell phone first. He says that he didn't know, and had to create a stone replica of everything he had. Samson opens a closet, and tons of stone objects fall out.

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