(Leo enters the school, and puts things in his locker. Janelle walks by)

Leo: Why hello Janelle. (Laughs. Leo falls into his locker. Laughs. A kid walks in)

Leo: Who are you? Are you the new math teacher? (Laughs)

Samson: I am Samson Brown. And I am not the new math teacher. I am pleased to meet you. (Laughs)

Leo: Hey, what's with that mark on your hand? (Samson looks at it)

Samson: I might show you what it does.

Leo: Aw shoot! We only have 10 seconds to get to Math! Man I wish Bree was here, but she's already at class. (Laughs)

Samson: Leo, grab my hand.

Leo: Why? This is not the time to induce a friendship. (Laughs)

Samson: Just do it! (Leo grabs his hand, and a breaking sound is heard)

Samson: Not the right, not the right! (Laughs. Leo grabs his hand again, and Samson's mark glows. Time moves slower. Gasps. Leo screams. Laughs)

Leo: How did you do that?

Samson: I'm bionic. (More gasps.)

Samson: And I want to join the team.

Leo: Okay. Come to my house after school. But, we should get to math now.

(Script not complete)

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