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Danny Davenport
Full Name

Calum Danny Derek Davenport


D-Droid (By Marcus) D-Dude (By Adam, Bree, Chase) D-Dog (Douglas)


1856 to 1921 (Male Human) 1944 to Present(Male Biohuman Android)

Date of Birth

January 7, 1856

January 7, 1944 (Male Biohuman Android)

Resides in

Mission Creek


Bionic Sleeper Agent

Eye Color


Hair Color



Stan Davenport

(First and Original Creator\1944-1962 Father)

Vikram Davenport

(Second Creator\ 1965-1995 Father)

Douglas Davenport

(Present Creator\ 21st Century Father)

Donald Davenport (21st Century uncle

Tasha Davenport (21st Century step-aunt/step-mother)

Marcus Davenport (21st Century android brother)

Adam Davenport (21st Century bionic brother)

Bree Davenport (21st century bionic sister)

Chase Davenport (21st Century bionic brother)

Leo Dooley (21st Century step-cousin/step-brother)

First Episode

Mission Invisible

Portrayed By

Avan Jogia

Danny Davenport is a new character to the Lab Rats series, played byAvan Jogia. He was first seen in  Mission Invisble" ". He becomes friends with Lab Rats but is really trying to catch the Lab Rats. In Bionic Showdown he is revealed to be an biohuman android. which means if he dies he would become to life 10 months later as a 16 year old with a new creator 


Danny turn up at the Davenports and claimed to be invited by Marcus. He wanders into the lab with Marcus and puts in a security camera. In the end, he is revealed to be an evil spy and works for a mysterious person that is Mr. Davenport's evil brother.

At the end of the episode "Speed Trapped", it is revealed that he is bionic and threated Leo by masquerading as to show where the lab rats to intimiated him, while Marcus threated to exposed AdamChase and Bree's bionics to world. and Jacob would mimic his voice.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: It is reaveled that Danny has Super Strength much like Adam' except he is easily over powered than Adam in Bionic Showdown he was able to lift and throw him and he could destroy the world into pieces and could destroy a row of 200 giant robots with a single punch.
  • Superhuman Speed: Danny is even faster than Bree, being able to dodge her high speed attacks with ease he can't be seen by others not even a fly he is thefastest person on the earth he can run over 27,000km in 10 minutes
  • Superhuman Intelligence: He is incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable in many fields, including science, math, laws, circuitry and combat. He is also a capable strategist.
  • Superhuman Jumping: TBA
  • Mimicry: TBA
  • Saw Fingers
  • Molecular Kinesis
  • Telescopic Vision
  • Force Field
  • Levitation
  • Heat Vision
  • Yellow Stunning Vision
  • Laser Vision
  • Freeze Vision
  • Wall Sticking
  • Werewolf Transformation
  • Sonic Grenades