Daven Shock is the second episode of season 4.5


The Lab Rats and Leo get suprised when Davenport gets strucked by lightning and ends up in the hospital. Meanwhile Zax defends the house from thieves.


Davenport goes outside and then a storm starts to rage and he gets struck by lightning and collapses on the ground. Tasha tells the Lab Rats and Leo the news and they all get in shock. At that point, they here a crash in the living room and thieves come out. Then Zax drops through the ceiling just in time. Zax, the Lab Rats and Leo fight off the theives and they throw them in the jail car. Meanwhile they go to the hospital, and see Donald in a cast and bandages, luckily he didn't die but he's in critical condition. He says he won't be home for a while so Leo is going to have to lead the Lab Rats on missions. Leo takes the lab rats on a mission to a terminal and there mission is to disable the mechanism. Leo tries to disable it but gets hurt in the process.Guards come in and see Adam, Bree, Chase, Leo, Elena, Sara, and Zax. Elena says she'll hold them off and she turns invisible and defeats all the guards. Chase figures out how to disable it and they all kick the control pad and they all escape and the factory explodes. The Lab Rats go back home and Donald is lying down in the couch, and he's ok. Zax says bye to everyone and the Lab Rats and Leo thank him for the help and he leaves. Sara chases after him and everyone laughs.

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