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Dilli Davenport
Full Name

Dilli Davenport






Donald Davenport (creator)
Tasha Dovenport (step-mom)
Adam Davenport (brother)
Bree Davenport (sister)
Chase Davenport (brother)
Leo Dooley (step-brother)

First Episode

"Project D"

Portrayed By


Dilli Davenport is the fourth Lab Rat that is introduced in Season 3's first episode, Project D. She is 13 years old, and her actress is unknown.


Like Adam, Bree and Chase, Dilli has bionic abilities, such as:

  • Dilli can turn invisible, whereas the other Lab Rats can't.
  • Dilli can walk on walls, whereas the other Lab Rats can't.
  • Dilli can turn extremely heavy, whereas the other Lab Rats are relatively light.
  • Dilli can hover for short amounts of time, though it has to recharge, whereas the other Lab Rats can't.
  • Dilli can mentally hack into anything she wants even a t.v.
  • Dilli has snow breathe which can freeze anything she wants to freeze.
  • Dilli has tangiblitiy meaning she can walk walls and go through things.
  • Enhanced super human speed. This makes Dilli almost as fast as Bree
  • Enhanced super human intelligence
  • Enhanced super human strength
  • Enhanced vortex breath
  • Sonic manipulation
  • Sonic grenades
  • Telescopic vision
  • Mimicry
  • Enhanced super human jumping
  • Enhanced super human senses
  • Scan vision
  • Molecular knesis
  • Bionic energy ninja stars
  • Levitation
  • Lazer finger app
  • Super senes

Hidden  Abilities[]

  • Bionic fist.
  • Bionic kick.
  • Bionic force field block
  • Bionic pressure point jab
  • Bionic super healing factor


  • Ninja app: When Dilli is scared she turns into a stealthy, fearless, mischievous ninja.
  • Doggy app: When Dilli gets licked by a dog she turns into a dog (mentally).
  • When angry her laser fingers glitch making her shoot flames uncontrollably
  • Sleep mode. When sleepy she deactivates


Dilli is a a comic book nerd that love to spend time with her siblings.
Her personality is 20% Bree, 40% Marcus, 30% Chase and 10% Leo.


All of Season 3.


None so far.