Lab Rats X is a new fanfiction series based off of lab rats, It takes place in an altered timeline after bionic island with new characters added.


In an altered timeline Krane didn't die but connected himself to one of Davenport's satellite's and controlled almost all Bionic beings, Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo were killed in a explosion which forced the new upgraded bionic's to be activated creating Super Bionic Humans, Davenport lost everything and handed it all to Nexus Co. Who trained a new elite force.

The story will pick off on their povs and then go forth with uniting them.


Super BionicsEdit

  • Vanessa Greyson: Vanessa Grayson is the older sister and the leader, She has the ability to fire beams of energy from her hands and body making her a literal energy weapon.
  • Garrick Greyson: An older brother who's a bully..mostly, He can use telekinetic powers.
  • Anthony Greyson: A younger brother and a calm situated member, He can run fast and uses his superspeed to cheat in races.
  • Lily Greyson: Anthony's twin and equal, Lily Is generally into fashion and other FUN things, She can manipulate earth and nature itself.
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