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After Leo, Izzy and the Lab Rats stay up past curfew, Donald Davenport grounds all of them, but bans Izzy out of the house. He also announces that he won an award with his invention, the Neuro Scrambler, which can be used to erase memory. Tasha is also going to interview Donald on winning the award and an agent from the White House is also going to give Donald an award during the interview. Chase plans to use the device to erase 24 hours of Donald's memory so that he could forget that he grounded them.

Leo alas shows him his school report card and Donald is disappointed. Donald said that he and Tasha agreed to start cracking down on his schoolwork the day before. Leo selfishly uses Davenport's award-winning memory erasing device to wipe Davenport's memory for another 24 hours but inadvertently erases 24 years, rendering him a teenager and making him forget the family. Right before the interview, Chase changed the Neuro Scrambler but erased more of Donald's memory, making him go back to 4 and a half years old.

Donald was about to ruin the interview and the agent about to withdraw the award, but Adam used his heat rays to destroy the camera, delaying the interview process. They all went down to the lab and Chase reversed the Neuro Scrambler and making Donald regain all of his memory and grounding them forever. In the end, Donald got his medal back and Tasha was about to scold Donald but Donald erased her memory with the Neuro Scrambler, making her think that the interview hasn't started yet.

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