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Nate is a bionic soldier from Krane but he is young man in training still but he’s very gifted Nate is a very bold teenager Nate is 6’2 and 299 pounds he isn’t manipulative at all but he’s arrogant sometimes and monstrously violent but he’s very polite and friendly when he’s not fighting but he is very sarcastic he is very opinionated and he loves his family deep down inside same with his girlfriend Bree Davenport

Powers and Abilites[]

  • Super Strength: his super strength is at level 1,000
  • Unlimited Stamina : he is immune to fatigue
  • Unlimited Invulnerability : His skin is thick and has skin that is impenetrable in fact his impenetrable skin is on level Unlimited no weapons can harm or deactivate him and he feels absolutely no pain his invulnerability is on the level Unlimited too
  • Flawless Indestructability
  • Immortality : he lives forever he cannot die
  • Geo leaping : Nate can geo leap by thinking of a location then teleporting , anything goes with him
  • Invulnerable bionic chip : his chip cannot be melted , it cannot be destroyed nor can it be controlled by the override and Triton app and the signals from bionic chip can’t be blocked out
  • Levitation : Nate can float in the air for an extended period of time
  • Pressurized lung capacity: his muscles are bionically enhanced and his lung on the Infinte level of strength Nate can blow an extreme force of super breath
  • Doomsday virus immunity: he is immune to the doomsday virus
  • Laser Vision : Nate has blue laser vision much like Adam‘s And Marcus’s except his fries or vaporizes his targets it can burn and melt to extreme levels his laser vision is 999 centillion times hotter than the sun’s heat and power which means that Nate is a force to be reckoned with
  • Molecularkinesis : Nate has the most powerful molecularkinesis his molecularkinesis is on the Infinte level
  • Martial Arts : Nate was trained with every single form of martial arts known to man
  • Plasma Grenades : Nate detonated plasma grenades in hand to blast Logan
  • Blast wave : Nate’s blast wave is insanely strong it on the Infinite level
  • Superhuman Agility: Nate has an immense amount of acrobatics
  • Super Jump : Nate can very high distances
  • Super hearing : Nate can hear stuff extremely well
  • Enhanced Speed : Nate is 10 times faster than a normal human not quite on the same level as Super Speed but still pretty fast


Infinity Ring : The Infinity Ring stockpiles Nate's Strength, Stamina , Survivability, Indestructability ,Endurance ,Dense Tissue and Invulnerability times Unlimited fold it is also unbreakable and it is unremovable which means it stays on Nate's finger forever so basically Nate's Unlimited Strength, Stamina, Dense Tissue , Survivability, Indestructability and Invulnerability is being multiplied by Unlimited and it keeps on multipling for an Infinite amount