Re: Coded is the first episode of season 4.5

Re: Coded
Season 4.5, Episode 1
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Donald creates a new bionic human and makes an upgrade on everyone's chip called Re:Coded. Meanwhile the gang tries to show the new family member their school.


Donald creates a new bionic human and calls everyone to the lab where he shows Leo, Adam, Bree, Chase, Hallie, Tasha, and Eddie his new creation: Sara Davenport. Unfortunately she has a chip but she wasn't built with bionics. She's disappointed but she gets over it. The gang takes her to school where they show her around and they told her to ignore Principal Perry. They take her down to the basement and show her the inside. She kept wondering what the giant machine was, the electro reactor. She touches it and gets electrocuted. Bree's chip starts to react and Sara's chip starts to react. Leo ask's if she's ok. Sara gets up and quickly runs away from the reactor but she doesn't run regularly, she superspeed's to the wall. The rest are all suprised and they all faint. After back, they go back to the lab and they show Donald that Sara has bionics. Davenport is amazed and announces that Sara's is officially part of the team. Tasha then says now i have to worry about two teenage girl problems and they all laugh.

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