Taste Of Your Own Medicine is the 5th episode in season 4.5. (Transcript)


Chase, Donald, Adam,Elena, and Tasha are going on a trip, leaving Bree and Leo to get back at Sara.


Donald says that he's going to leve Bree, Leo and Sara home because they don't want to go on the trip, then he says bye and he Chase Adam Elena and Tasha leave. Sara says that she's going to sit on the couch and read. She starts to take off her socks and shoes and putting her bare feet on the couch. Bree tells Leo that their going to give Sara a taste of her own medicine. She tells Leo that she's going to the lab to plot something else so she tells Leo to tickle Sara's feet as revenge. Bree super speeds to the lab. Leo sits on the couch and ask's Sara what's she reading. She says she's reading a magazine about clothes. Leo starts to tickle the tops of Sara's feet. She giggle's and giggles. Then she moves her feet to Leo lap. She says that she likes to be tickled and tells Leo to tickle her feet. So as long as she's happy, Leo kept tickling her feet. Then he says he needs to do something and run's to the lab. He goes to Bree and it show's bree with a chainsaw, a knife and a mini atomic bomb. Leo tells Bree that she likes to be tickled. Bree is suprised and she goes to the living room and does the same thing Leo did, and the same thing happens. So they both get an idea. They both run into the room and they start to tickle torture Sara. She laughs out loud but she super speeds away and ties Leo and Bree to the couch and tickle torture's them. Leo and Bree tell Sara to stop but she keeps going and going.

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