"The Lab Rats meet Max Steel!" is a fanon special of season two.It is a crossover with Max Steel.


When Leo Dooley finds Steel, an ultra-link connected to teenager Max McGrath, the Davenports go on a trip to Copper Canyon to return it.


Leo Dooley

•Adam Davenport

•Bree Davenport

•Chase Davenport

•Donald Davenport

•Max McGrath

•Commander Forge Ferrus



•Max is shown to think that Marcus is eiether his evil twin, his evil double, or his evil side.But it is possible.

•The robot from "Leo v.s Evil" returns and is said as an "Evil CY.T.R.O" by Max.

Memorable qoatesEdit

1:Max:You made an evil double of CY.T.R.O!Oh Berto is going to be so mad at you!That proves you're evil!

Marcus:Too bad, Maxwell.I'm your cousin.So am I the cousin of Adam, Bree, and Chase also.(Evil laugh, then caughs)

Then Max punches Marcus.

Things Leo brokeEdit

•CY.T.R.O-By accicendentaly going into another universe again and overloding CY.T.R.O with his lighting fingers.

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