The Torture is the 5th episode in season 4.5


Bree undergoes the torture from Sara; A new student comes to Mission Creek High


Bree is in the living room and Sara is talking to Bree about boys, telling her that she's the best and Bree says that she's the best. Leo comes in and says to not go into the lab because Davenport is working on something. Then they here an explosion and Davenport comes out covered in dirt. Then the Lab Rats go to school and they meet a new student, Zax Knight. Sara stares at him and instantly falls in love with him. Chase Leo and Adam show him around the school and Sara tells Bree that they're going to have a little fun. Sara gets revenge on Bree for what she did to her at the mall. Flashback: Sara walks at the mall and a sign says free drink, she opens it, puts the can to her mouth and everything explodes in her face. Flashback ends. Sara goes home and Bree is shown chained up. Sara tickles Bree and she explodes with laughter. Back to Adam, Chase, and Leo, they show Zax the cafeteria and they run away from Principal Perry when she asks who wants to see my new pantsuit. Bree is shown chained in the lab and Sara tickles her stomach. Then Sara takes off her flats and tickles her bare feet. Bree laughs so hard she starts to cry. Donald and Tasha walk in and see Bree chained up and they unchain Bree and punish Sara. At the end, Zax comes to Davenports house and shows Leo something special, Zax waves his hands and shoots lightning through his fingers and reveals to Leo that he's bionic,

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