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Trevor Davenport
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Full Name

Trevor E. Maverick Davenport


T-Master, T-Dude, T-Dog, T-Fame


Male (Superhuman Robot)\ Biohuman Android

Date of Birth

January 1, 1995

Resides in

Mission Creek


Z-Class Bionic Agent, S-Class Spy

Eye Color


Hair Color



Logan Jackson\Davenport (Father)

Donald Davenport (Uncle\Adoptive Father

Tasha Davenport (step-aunt/Adoptive step-mother)

Marcus Davenport (Android brother)

Adam Davenport (bionic brother)

Bree Davenport (bionic sister)

Chase Davenport (bionic brother)

Leo Dooley (step-cousin/step-brother)


Ally Knight (Season 2-3) Raquel Blue (Season 3-Present)


Adam, Bree, and Chase


Mission Creek High

First Episode

Mission Invisible

Portrayed By

Trevor Jackson

Trevor Davenport is a new character to the Lab Rats series, played by Trevor Jackson. He was first seen in Mission Invisible ". He becomes friends with the Lab Rats but is really trying to catch the Lab Rats. In Bionic Showdown it was reaveled Douglas implanted bionics into him as a baby behind Logan & Donald's back 

History Edit

Trevor is son of Logan Jackson\Davenport who was part of H.Y.D.R.A S.H.E.I.L.D a superhero agency who his brothers used to work before the Davenport Industries while still being 2 months old Douglas implanted the ultimate bionic serum in Trevor causing him to get deadly plauge. Months later Trevor was in life threatening condition with Douglas secretly implanting robot parts and a bionic chip into the baby, Trevor wasn't sick anymore he was in healthiest condition ever. 2 weeks later Logan dissapeared causing Davenport brothers to care of him. Many Days Later Donald finding out that Douglas gave him bionics, Davenport secretly took Trevor and Adam, Bree and Chase bought a house, kicked Douglas out of the project and started trainning Adam, Bree, Chase and Trevor. One year later after the event Douglas decided to capture the lab rats and turn them into an evil bionic army failing to get Adam, Bree and Chase he successfuly captured Trevor kept as his own buit three androids and Trainning for evil by stealing at banks by the Age of 6 and Stealing Top Secrets from the government by the Age of 13 causing them to go in hiding while tracking Adam, Bree and Chase. In Mission Invisible he's and his brothers have enrolled at Mission Creek to befriend The lab rats but really catch the lab rats. After Turn up at the Davenports and claimed to be invited by Marcus. He wanders into the lab with Marcus and puts in a security camera. In the end, he is revealed to be an evil spy and works for a mysterious person that is Mr. Davenport's evil brother.

At the end of the episode "Mission Invisible", it is revealed that he is bionic and threated Leo by to killing him with his bionics and expose AdamChase and Bree's bionics to world. At the end of "Speed Trapped," it is revealed that he and is brother are bionics and he has more bionics and threatens to masquerade as him and expose there own bionics to the words. While Marcus would expose there bionics to the world and Jacob would mimic his voice. In No Going Back he learns about he and his brother secrets and Trevor and Jacob join the Lab Rats while Marcus comes back and refuses too and is carrying on the plan himself and all the Lab Rats plus Jacob and Trevor combine all there power and almost destroying Marcus but Marcus gets back up but more angrier but by a bionic cannester malfunction causing to break his android parts into a billion pieces they all leave but Marcus hands pop out off the rubble and his android head flashes with one green eye causing him to return. While Danny is missing. 

Bionic Powers Edit

Shockwave Levitation: In the episode Llama Drama it was revealed that Trevor hidden ability is to power up then levitate and spin like a tornado and gains the Solar & Eletric energy that is uncontrollably splaterring around the area creating a force field around the area that could kill any person but then releases a giant energy blast that nearly kills Leo and knock's him out for 24 hours  

Season 1:

  • ​Mission Invisible
  • Concert In A Can 
  • Mission Space 

Season 2: 

  • ​Speed Trapped 
  • Spy Fly
  • Missin' The Mission
  • Quarantined 
  • Robot Fight Club 
  • Bro Down 
  • The Rats Strike Back
  • Parallel Universe
  • Spike's Got Talent  
  • Leo vs Evil 
  • Hole In One 
  • Trucked Out
  • The Bionic 500
  • Bionic Showdown 
  • Memory Wipe 
  • Avalanche 
  • Perry 2.0
  • Prank You Very Much 
  • The Haunting Of Mission Creek High 
  • Inside Job 
  • Adam Up
  • Llama Drama 
  • My Little Brother 
  • Trent Gets Schooled 
  • No Going Back

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