Alright so, I am new user here but I am planning on becoming an active contributor. We currently have 4 users, Davenport13RenKrawler17Liteteretet and myself. This wiki needs new leadership, it needs admins, or at least one new. This can only be done by adoption but we have to work things out. It is obvious there is a problem between both Davenport and RenKrawler and that needs to be solved. Davenport has requested adoption which is not possible at this momment but if Ren Krawler proposes adoption and Davenport doesn´t support it then his adoption is also denied. For this wiki to be adopted, a blog must be created so that all users give their opinion. If this problem between both users continues, then no adoption would be possible.

So, I guess, what we have to ask yourselves, is, who do you want to be your new admin?

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