Zack Larsen is a senior at Coral Coast High and a minor character in the Lab Rats universe. His first appearance is in the episode "Too Nice".

History Edit

He is extremely involved in the school he goes to. He's in the Speech and Debate team, some musicals, and was the former president of Student Council. He also participates in musicals.

Relationships Edit

Bree Edit

Bree has doubts about his true nature, claiming he's a fake.

Chase Edit

Chase likes him, since both are very smart.

Trivia Edit

  • His older sister is a famous actress
  • He wants to be a lawyer when he grows up.
  • His middle name is Will.
  • He's said to be a very kind person.
  • His former classmates revealed that he used to be a rude and arrogant person.
  • He likes most of Ariana Grande's songs. His favorite is Breathin, but he hates Monopoly.
  • He was voted Senior Boy of the Month in August
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